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Business Box 50x Greeting cards-compleet

Business Box 50x Greeting cards-compleet

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A box with 50 exclusive greeting cards complete with envelope. From the collection of Saskia Vis. Minimum 25 different designs in the box, maximum 2x of each design "one and the same" in a box. Cards with a fine appearance that are freely writable (blank) on the inside. Packed in a handy sturdy box so that you always have a beautiful stock of original cards available.


  • Complete: 50 Cards with envelope

  • Freely writable inside

  • Dimensions: 12 x 18 cm ( 2 x 25 Designs )

  • Designs: Saskia Vis

  • Suitable for all occasions!


Always the right card in stock, these original designs are not only exclusive, they are also suitable for all occasions. Very beautifully designed folding cards with freely writable inside (blank) suitable for writing your own wish, greeting or story. Never miss out again, without a doubt, these can certainly stay for a while!

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